Credit Cards

A credit card is a payment card which is issued to the user as the system of payments. In this the cardholder is allowed to pay for the goods and services on the basis of promise made by him to pay for them. You can consider it as plastic money.

Credit card is the ideal and the quickest mode of taking short term personal loans. The best thing about credit cards is that they are widely acceptable. You can also do internet shopping by using your credit card.
Why we need credit cards?
There are numerous reasons available which can explain why it is essential to have a credit card. Some of them are mention below:
Cash back: it means if you are signing up with the right credit card then you will earn a certain percentage of cash back on every purchase made by you using the credit card.
Safe mode: credit card is the safest mode of making payments. It avoids the losses fraud. They are quite portable. Carrying cash is full of risk but with credit cards the things will get more convenient and safer.
Insurance: generally, all the credit cards came up with a plethora of customer protection therefore it offers you insurance.
Universal acceptance: in certain cases credit cards are more beneficial than the debit cards. Like if you have to pay tariff of a hotel room in that case, it’s better to make payments with credit cards. Even if you are travelling to some other country, you can use your credit card for doing shopping and availing services.
Advantage of having credit cards
1. You can use them anywhere any time. Credit cards are widely acceptable even overseas.
2. It helps a lot in building your influential credit history.
3. Credit cards offer you the chance to keep the record of your expenses and analyze your financial activity throughout the month.
4. Cash back, rewards pints etc offers you the chance to make saving from the discount offered to you.
5. It’s a best medium to purchase things and pay off through monthly installments.
6. Making your payments using credit cards is advantageous as you can present the proof in case of billing errors and defective merchandise.